A “Lazy Man’s Guide” First!

Way back when I started this here endeavor (i.e. like, three weeks ago), I mentioned that I’d have my opponents/Bleacher Report co-workers chime in from time to time with their thoughts on my beloved Derrick Rosie O’Donnells.

At long last, we have our first guest post from none other than B/R NBA editor and fantasy sports guru Ethan “Swaggy E” Norof.

Ethan’s Swaggy E squad spanked my team last week, 7-1. I asked him if he’d write up a quick evaluation of my sorry roster and he gladly obliged. Keep in mind, he’s not entirely clued into the circumstances of my team and the purpose/rules of this experiment (i.e. that I didn’t draft any of my own players, that I’m trying to go without trades for as long as possible, etc.).

That being said, if I (or anyone else) were in earnest need of fantasy assistance, he’d be the first person I’d turn to. Without further ado, here’s what Ethan had to say:

The Rosie O’Donnell‘s never had a chance against Swaggy E and his boys.

Swaggy E himself, Ethan Norof

Swaggy E himself, Ethan Norof

One of the biggest problems with the Fightin’ Rosie O’s is the lack of versatility on the roster. Too many role players, not enough superstars–and most importantly, not enough difference-makers who can singlehandedly win you a category on any given week.
My experience in the realm gave me an “unfair” advantage over Josh as a former fantasy basketball writer/expert for Rotoworld.com.
Josh’s heavy hitters are struggling out of the gate: Paul Pierce is not saying #HelloBrooklyn too often, Goran Dragic has dealt with a couple of injuries, and although he’s come on of late, Serge Ibaka has struggled offensively to begin the year.
Between Ibaka and Joakim Noah, Josh’s team went all-in on size early in the draft. He also decided to roll the dice on both Nene and Omer Asik, and in a 20-team league, you have to be a bit more selective as to where you’re going to “spend your money.” In Josh’s case, it’s left him with a backcourt that leaves a lot to be desired.
That being said, I’m curious to see how Josh’s team fares because he’s got a few interesting trade candidates–Jameer Nelson, Kris Humphries and Asik. If one (or more) of those guys can find a home where playing time awaits, it would be a great boost to the Rosies. Unfortunately, that’s just not too likely of a scenario.
It’s a tricky game…as obsessed as we are with the stars in real life, the fantasy game is all about the numbers. Hopefully for Josh’s sake, his team starts firing on at least four cylinders in the near future.
That makes two of us, Ethan!

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