Thoughts From Last Week’s Opponent

Last week, we here at the Lazy Man’s Guide to Fantasy Sports started a new trend of sorts, when, for the first time, we invited an opponent—Ethan Norof of Swaggy E—to share his thoughts on this here blog and the Derrick Rosie O’Donnells.

We’ve (and by we, I mean I) decided unanimously to keep the roll going by inviting Kelly Scaletta, whose Killer Rabbits mauled by D-RODs by a score of 7-1 last week, to give his take on this here experiment and his unwitting interaction with it. Big thanks to Kelly for taking precious time away from his swamped schedule (of weeping for the now-twice-fallen Derrick Rose and lamenting another lost season for his beloved Chicago Bulls) to whip up this little ditty:


When I saw I was taking on The Derrick RosieO’Donnells, two things flashed through my immediately. First, how dare someone blaspheme the name of Derrick Rose so?!?! The second, I was going to win this week.

After all, Josh’s maintenance of his team was less than stellar. All I had to do was just monitor my roster and it was an easy win, right? Then I check my Twitter feed and discover that this week is the week that he decided to start actually play.

That was two strikes.

Then he called me out on having an unoriginal name! HA!!! I bet was the only Team Scaletta on all of ESPN—How original is that? That was strike three. It was on!

But, point taken. I just hadn’t gotten around to naming my team it’s normal moniker, “Killer Rabbits.” As Josh correctly deduced, this is indeed after the Monty Python killer rabbit, which is only one of the greatest scenes in movie history.

The Killer Rabbits look cute, fuzzy and nonthreatening, but as the armed knights discovered, so did Josh. We don’t look like much, but what we lack in intimidation we make up for in ferocity, as Josh learned with the visceral beat-down we put on his roster, even though he actually played his it.

The Rabbits took home the 7-1 win, with point guard Steve Blake showing the KR mentality, getting the block that secured that seventh point.

The moral of the story is, don’t mess with bunny, you’ll get the bucked-teeth.

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