In Which I Humbly Appeal to You, My Loyal Audience, For Advice

Paul Pierce (1998)

Paul Pierce (1998) (Photo credit: iccsports)

As regular readers of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Fantasy Sports know, I value my “No Transactions” streak. By the end of today, that streak will stand at 35 days (i.e. the entirety of the 2013-14 NBA season so far).

Last week, I came to you when I was confronted with a trade proposal from my opponent, Bleacher Report NBA editor Joel Cordes. Your response wasn’t what I would call overwhelming (no offense), though I am indebted to the 100 of you who voted—particularly the 48 of you who recommended that I hang onto Omer Asik rather than swap him for Anthony Morrow.

Once again, I come to all of you, hat in hand, but not by an opponent’s prompting. See, my roster is running a bit thin on healthy, contributing bodies at the moment. Paul Pierce is out two-to-four weeks after suffering a non-displaced fracture in his right hand this past weekend (per Andy Vasquez of The Bergen Record).

This—in addition to Jameer Nelson being day-to-day with a foot injury, Alex Len‘s struggle with his surgically repaired ankle and Devin Harris still having yet to debut this season—has left the D-RODs rather thin. Throw in the open spot I have for an injured player, and I can’t help but wonder if now is the time for me to take the unprecedented step of adding a player, be it via trade or waiver wire.

The pickings are admittedly slim, though there are some decent options—like, say, Tayshaun Prince, CJ Watson and now (believe it or not) Anthony Morrow—who are available in my league as either waiver claims or straight-up free agent additions.

But before we get too wrapped up in which route I should take or what kind of player I should look for, let’s figure out whether I should seek out help at all. We’ll do this methodically, step-by-step, to make sure that if I’m going to throw away my silly streak at all, it won’t be done in vain.

So, first thing’s first: should I make a change to my roster or not?

The choice is yours, folks. I’ll give you ’til tomorrow afternoon/evening (depending on your time zone) to chime in, be it through this poll here, in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook or all of the above. Once that’s done, I’ll keep you folks apprised of the next step. Like all things Lazy Man, this process will take way longer than it reasonably should.

Your feedback is vital and much appreciated.

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