Thoughts From Last Week’s Opponent

Jonathan Wasserman’s Chicken Bargnani Heroes were kind enough to give my Derrick Rosie O’Donnells their first winning week of the 2013-14 fantasy basketball season last week.

Heck, Wass’ squad wasn’t just kind; it was downright charitable! To recap, my D-RODs won seven out of eight categories outright and tied in assists—which the league delivered to Jon’s tally.

As a “thanks” for his charity, I’ve invited Wass to talk about the week that was for The Lazy Man’s Guide to Fantasy Sports. Here’s what he had to say:


My Chicken Bargnani Heroes got smacked around this week by the Derrick Rosie O’Donnells. I lost 7-1 to a bunch of role players. But I’m an optimist. I see the bright side of things.

I could have easily been bageled 8-0 by the freakin’ O’Donnells.
So I’d like to thank whatever the rule is that awarded me the win in assists, despite both teams finishing with 86 for the week.
Still, the O’Donnells kicked me while I was on the ground. The Chicken Bargnani Heroes have been missing Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and a healthy Tobias Harris. Kyle Lowry‘s dodging hourly trade rumors, Ty Lawson‘s dealing with hammy issues…our pets heads are falling off!
Meanwhile, the O’Donnells have Jameer Nelson and Goran Dragic combining to drop 22 threes on the week. They also got a boost when Rudy Gay got dealt. Terrence Ross went for 47 points and eight threes in three games for the damn O’Donnells.
There’s no doubt the O’Donnells have some game. Serge Ibaka is a top-tier fantasy stud. But I’m not sure either team here is a real threat in this thing. Hey O’Donnells—congrats on the win this week, but don’t get it twisted—we both suck.

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