The Results 1/22/2014 + The Matchups 1/23/2014

The Derrick Rosie O’Donnells

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.43.44 AM

Victor’s Oladipbros

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.43.54 AM

Matchup Scoreboard

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.43.36 AM


Looks like we’ve got ourselves an uninspiring tie in the works. My “simple math” advantage on Wednesday yielded wider gaps in rebounds, assists, steals and blocks in my favor while somehow expanding the Oladipbros’ edges in the other four categories.

Even points, due to some unusually prolific scoring outputs from Tony Parker, Taj Gibson, Iman Shumpert and Omri Casspi.

Not that I’m at all displeased with my D-RODs right now. My big guns (i.e. Joakim Noah, Goran Dragic, Nene, Jameer Nelson and Serge Ibaka) all performed solidly on Wednesday night, as did Boris Diaw, with 14 points off the bench for the San Antonio Spurs.

It’s just too bad that Kris Humphries and Terrence Ross are both so inconsistent from the field. Of course, if I really cared, I could find a way to dump them for steadier contributors, but then I’d have to, you know, put effort into running my team.

And, more importantly, jeopardize my precious “No Transactions” streak, which will hit Day 50 (!!!) on Friday. Talk about an effective commitment device, eh?

But before we get caught up in what’s to come tomorrow, let’s have a look at what’s in store for today…

The Derrick Rosie O’Donnells

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.52.46 AM

Victor’s Oladipbros

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.52.53 AM


That’s right, folks: Alec Nathan’s going up against an empty net tonight—which is a cross-sports way of saying that my lineup is empty tonight.

A tabula that is very much rasa, if you will.

I’m not too worried about it, though. His trio of Chris Bosh, Jordan Hill and C.J. McCollum will slim down my leads in rebounds and blocks while adding to his own gulf in point, though none of that figures to shift the scoreboard to any great effect.

If Friday begins with a 4-4 tie between my D-RODs and the Oladipbros, I’ll love my odds of emerging from this matchup with yet another non-losing week.

Progress, indeed.

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