The Matchups 2/18/2014

So, apparently, my fantasy basketball novice self didn’t realize that last week’s matchup would carry over into this week on account of the All-Star break. Thus, I prematurely declared a 5-3 victory for my Derrick Rosie O’Donnells over Adam Fromal’s Aggressive Layups. Please, basketball gods, don’t punish me for my ignorance and/or my hubris on this occasion. I promise I’ll do better! I SWEAR!!!

The Derrick Rosie O’Donnells

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.17.27 PM

The Aggressive Layups

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.17.34 PM

Matchup Scoreboard

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.17.19 PM


Looks like Adam and I are even on the “simple math,” though Alonzo Gee’s presence in my lineup and Devin Harris’ day-to-day status could crimp my D-RODs’ style in a big way. I’m pleased to have at least one of my heavy hitters (Goran Dragic) in the mix, but even he can’t offset the likely contributions from All-Stars Blake Griffin and John Wall for the Aggressive Layups.

I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed, then, that Nene, Jameer Nelson and Terrence Ross come through in a big way. Otherwise, my jumping off the gun could prove doubly embarrassing for me and plenty profitable for Adam.

But, at least my “principles” are still intact. As of today, my “No Transactions!” streak is going strong at 75 days! That’s some consolation…right?

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